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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

Exciting Book Launch

March 8th, 2012 by Alexandra

Martha Szymanska, R.N.D.M., D.C. St.S., promoted her new book to 60 people in three sessions at the NZSG Room, Richmond School, Perth St, Christchurch on Wednesday 28th March 2012.

This wonderful collection of stories and letters collected from the descendants of the SCHIMANSKI family, ensures that the contribution to the development of Christchurch by early Polish immigrants is documented and acknowledged.

Focusing on her ancestors who farmed the challenging Marshland area at a time when the new city was expanding rapidly, this delightful collection of memories is Martha’s third book and the first of several volumes on Marshland that she is initially self publishing.

There are approximately 16 families of Polish descent in Linwood Cemetery.  They are buried mainly in the Catholic blocks 38-45.  There are 4 different spellings of Szymanski: SCHIMANSKI, SHUMANSKI, SHEMASKI and SHEMANSKI.  The earliest arrival to NZ of these is probably Annie SCHUMANSKI born in 1847.  She arrived from Poland in 1875 at the age of 26.  Her address, on her death, was 473 Marshland Road.

Copies of Martha’s book are available by contacting us.

5 responses to “Exciting Book Launch”

  1. Maryann says:

    Hello I,m the Granddaugther of James Schimanski i would really like to know more about this book and where the book is going to be promote plz?
    thank you for reading this kind regards
    Maryann Dance

  2. Heather Hohepa says:

    Hello, I was born a Borcoski and also believe that the Schimanski’s may be relatives or at least from the same area of Poland.

    I’ll definitely be at the talk on Wednesday.


  3. Christine Butler says:

    Hi I am keen to read this book as my ancestors were also Polish immigrants that farmed in Marshlands. How can I obtain a copy.


  4. Adam sharlick says:

    I an also a descendant of the schimanski except my great grandfather who was martin shimanski changed his surname to sharlick wich is on the head stone next to john shimanski in linwood cemetary.

  5. Adam John Sharlick says:

    Im a direct descendand of john schimanski father of
    Martin schimanski who changed his surname to sharlick (my great grandfather).
    His headstone is next to the schimanskis in linwood cemetary

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