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Chadderton, Garibaldi (1887-1918)

December 18th, 2009 by Alexandra
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Plot location
Block 48, Plot 80
Area 1, Row F, No : 240
Individual History

Date of death: Sunday, 1 December 1918
Cemetery: Linwood
Date of burial: Monday, 2 December 1918
Block number: 48
Plot number: 80
Age: 31 years
Address: 67 Matlock St, ChCh
Occupation: Iron Moulder
Place of birth: England
Years in New Zealand: 6
Garibaldi Chadderton was born at Oldham, Lancashire, on 19 May 1886 and named after an uncle who, in turn, was named after the famed Italian soldier.
Garibaldi was good at tennis, an excellent swimmer and captain of the Glodwick Swimming Club. In the Coldhurst Parish, Oldham, on 22 February 1908, he married Deborah Hyde, 17.
In 1912 the family threw a big farewell party and Garibaldi travelled third class on the Tainui, through the Panama Canal, arriving in Wellington on 10 June. Deborah, pregnant, followed five months later with the family’s first child, Jack, on the Rotorua. The pair arrived on 12 November and Joseph was born on 27 December. A third son, William, was born on 4 November 1914.
The family travelled by local steamer to Christchurch where Garibaldi worked as an iron moulder. The family lived at 434 and 449 Tuam Street, at 214 Hazeldean Road and at 67 Matlock Street. Family sources state that Garibaldi swam in the sea for prize money.
In World War I Garibaldi was in the armed forces reserves. He reported for duty during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, the ‘Plague of the Spanish Lady’ but was struck down and died on 1 December 1918. Deborah remarried and, as Deborah Barclay, died at 31, on 12 July 1923.
The orphaned children were sent to Dunedin and were put into an orphanage. Family information also states that they ran away and tried to walk to Christchurch. (Ref: Greenaway, R. L. N. (2007) Linwood Cemetery Tour, CCC)

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