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Civic Officials Buried in Linwood Cemetery

Although “Almost everyman who attained particular prominence in political, professional or civiv life was at some time or other a member of the provincial assemblies…” (reference unknown), (and even the mayor had to wear clothes) it is important to acknoweldge the contribution of those who took a leading role in the civic affairs of the City of Christchurch and indeed, New Zealand who are buried in Linwood Cemetery.

One of the Trust’s early identification projects was the “Mayoral Project”.  It was drawn to our attention by a descendant of Charles Partridge HULBERT (Block 3 Plot 1) that information from Richard Greenaway’s Linwood Cemetery Tour Guide and the Interpretation Board at the “bottom of the hill” omitted the mayor who, in 1883-84 made Linwood Cemetery and other key local services such as St John’s Ambulence, stone buildings and bridges happen.

Excellent information compiled on Wikipedia by “Schwede” about individual  Christchurch Mayors helped us on our way.  Soon we discovered 13 Mayors buried in Linwood Cemetery and several prominent Councillors and Members of the Legislative Council, such as Hon John Thomas PEACOCK (Block 32 Plot 133) who is buried in the cemetery’s only Mausoleum.  No doubt there are some more to be discovered for example,  from before the City suburbs were amalgamated as we know them today – Samual Paull ANDREWS (Block 36 Plot 46) who was Mayor of New Brighton.

From 1862 to 1868, Christchurch had a Town Council with a Chairman and then became a City with a Mayor.  William Barbour “Cabbage” WILSON (Block 22 Plot 162) was the last Council Chairman and the first City Mayor. The son of Hon Henry HOLLAND MP, CBE (Block 33 Plot 340)  was Prime Minster of NZ from 1949-1957.

Those buried in the cemetery who also held the office of Mayor are:

Block Plot Term of Office Family Name First Names
22 162 1868 WILSON William Barbour
29 383 1871 JAMESON James P
2 34 1877 GAPES James
14 4 1878 THOMSON Henry
2 34 1881 GAPES James
3 2 1884/85 HULBERT Charles Partridge
30 85 1886/87 AYERS Aaron
16 31 1888/89 LOUISSON Charles Melville
35 246 1891 GRAY Charles Mathew
33 327 1892 PRUDHOE Wiliam
24 126 1894 GAPES Thomas
16 31 1898/99 LOUISSON Charles Melville
35 246 1904/05 GRAY Charles Mathew
22 97 1907 PAYLING George
33 340 1912-1918 HOLLAND Henry (CBE)
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