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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

Ideas for Kids

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Why not make your own Linwood Cemetery Discovery Trail?

By bus: Orbiter, 5, 41, 23, to Bromley Park.(Check with Metrobus as routes may change)

By car: Free car parking in Linwood Cemetery (Butterfield Avenue entrance) and near the playground and toilet in Bromley Park off McGregor’s Road – you can walk to the cemetery from there.

What you can do in Linwood Cemetery

  • tidy, litter pick, pull out wilding pines.  Brig your own bag to put them in and take them home or put them in a bin in the car park.

  • draw, photograph or film plots and headstones,

  • measure the tramline in strides, then measure your stride – how long is the tram line?
  • ride your bike or push-scooter along the paths
  • tree, plant or bird spotting

  • think about cemeteries and what headstones tell us,

  • look for your ancestors or people with the same name as you – start with the CCC Cemeteries Database, remember to use the Advanced Search and select Linwood Cemetery

  • look for the famous Cantabrians on the three heritage boards in the cemetery and in the Linwood Cemetery Heritage Tour Guide . Then find out more about them in the library or on the internet. What would Christchurch be like now if that person hadn’t lived?
  • have a picnic,

  • walk your dog,

  • think of more ways you can help keep Linwood Cemetery tidy and a nice place for everyone to visit.

What you might want to do before going to Linwood Cemetery

Find out more about

What you might want to bring with you

  • The right clothes for the weather and the activities you want to do.

  • Snacks and a drink. There are water taps in the cemetery.

  • A camera, notebook, pens and pencils.

  • The block and plot numbers of any grave(s) you want to visit.

  • A trowel and/or rake and/or leaf scoops, gardening gloves that fit you.

  • A plastic shopping bag to collect any rubbish you see.

  • A large plastic sack if you want to take some pine-needle mulch or pine cones home with you.

Rules for being in Linwood Cemetery

  • Keep safe. Keep to the paths.

  • Graves and headstones can be loose and dangerous.

  • Never lift a fallen headstone or headstone piece – even a small one. You can hurt yourself.

  • Have a cell phone with you in case you need to get help.

  • Leave headstones, broken pieces, plants where they are. Headstones and things on a plot are the property of the family buried there – even if they look old or broken. If our Head Gardener (Judy) is in the cemetery she will be happy to guide your tidying.

  • Only collect rubbish like wrappers, cans and bottles. Use gloves and plastic bags.

  • Have fun,  show respect, leave Linwood Cemetery better than you found it.

Army Youth Development Unit

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Army Youth Volunteers help restore damaged artwork in Linwood Cemetery

The Friends of Linwood Cemetery are very grateful to the Army Youth Development Unit at Burnham for allowing several members of the Limited Service Volunteers (LSVs) to help re-paint the damaged artwork protecting the Peacock Mausoleum following a recent, vicious attack of tagging.

The YDU had planned their second working bee in Linwood Cemetery for Saturday 25th August and were willing to detail some of the LSVs to help with this upsetting and time consuming task.

“In June ,40 young people on the Youth Development Programme spent an afternoon in Linwood Cemetery weeding, and tidying. On their return to camp, the Unit Instructors were put under pressure by those who stayed behind to also get a ‘piece of the action’, said Jen Goldsworthy, Treasurer of the Friends who liaised with the Unit.

“We were delighted to be told that this time, 80 young people were on their way – twice as many as before! The amount of work that forty of these young people (aged 18-25) did in July was phenomenal and made a huge, positive difference to the appearance of Linwood Cemetery. We were stoked that they wanted to return – and so many, so soon!”

The New Zealand Defence Force is linked with three youth development programmes. Each is funded by the government, and uses the expertise of Defence Force staff to help motivate young New Zealanders to enter the workforce. The YDU at Burnham is the only Youth Development Unit in South Island.

“The extent of the interest in the cemetery, respect shown of the grave plots and the sense of pride when the young people left was a surprise to us”, added Jen.

Sadly, not all people understand that those buried in cemeteries are also someone’s parents, grandparents, child or baby. The mean-spirited and disrespectful covering of Anne Holloway’s wonderful artwork, originally sponsored with paint from Dulux NZ, has been reported to the Police and the City Council.

The only distant relatives of The Hon John T. Peacock MLC (1827 – 1905) who was an influential and generous citizen of Christchurch, are in their 70’s and were distraught when they heard about the damage.

“Everyone, who has seen or heard about this recent act of vandalism, has been furious – not only by the senselessness of it but also for The Friends who have spent so much of their own time improving the look of the Mausoleum for everyone to enjoy.” said Jen Goldsworthy.

The tagging that fully covered two sides of the mausoleum, took 18 person hours to remove so that the original artwork could be revealed enough to be re-painted. Materials used cost around $75 – a significant part of the Trust’s small operational budget.

The Friends had been trying to find a sign-writer to complete the project before putting on a graffiti resistant coating. Digby Gemmel from Gemsigns was very saddened by the vandalism and offered to complete the sign writing at no charge, as soon as the panels have been re-painted.

All the Friends have ever wanted to do is to provide a splash of colour that will inspire the local community and those with ancestors in the cemetery to visit more often to help take care of it.

Click on Army Youth Development Programme for more information.

More information about Gemsigns contact Digby Gemmell 365 1262, 027 221 0948 gemsigns@xtra.co.nz

EQ Monday 13th June

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Damage to the cemetery has increased, but only slightly.  No visible new liquifaction.  With continuing strong aftershocks in the area and bad weather, enquiries may take time to be answered.  We will respond as soon as we can.  Please be patient with us!

If any grave/headstone that has meaning to you is in disrepair and you would like to have this rectified, we can arrange restoration for you at your cost. Please contact us here.
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