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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

Ideas for Kids

September 26th, 2012 by Alexandra

Why not make your own Linwood Cemetery Discovery Trail?

By bus: Orbiter, 5, 41, 23, to Bromley Park.(Check with Metrobus as routes may change)

By car: Free car parking in Linwood Cemetery (Butterfield Avenue entrance) and near the playground and toilet in Bromley Park off McGregor’s Road – you can walk to the cemetery from there.

What you can do in Linwood Cemetery

  • tidy, litter pick, pull out wilding pines.  Brig your own bag to put them in and take them home or put them in a bin in the car park.

  • draw, photograph or film plots and headstones,

  • measure the tramline in strides, then measure your stride – how long is the tram line?
  • ride your bike or push-scooter along the paths
  • tree, plant or bird spotting

  • think about cemeteries and what headstones tell us,

  • look for your ancestors or people with the same name as you – start with the CCC Cemeteries Database, remember to use the Advanced Search and select Linwood Cemetery

  • look for the famous Cantabrians on the three heritage boards in the cemetery and in the Linwood Cemetery Heritage Tour Guide . Then find out more about them in the library or on the internet. What would Christchurch be like now if that person hadn’t lived?
  • have a picnic,

  • walk your dog,

  • think of more ways you can help keep Linwood Cemetery tidy and a nice place for everyone to visit.

What you might want to do before going to Linwood Cemetery

Find out more about

What you might want to bring with you

  • The right clothes for the weather and the activities you want to do.

  • Snacks and a drink. There are water taps in the cemetery.

  • A camera, notebook, pens and pencils.

  • The block and plot numbers of any grave(s) you want to visit.

  • A trowel and/or rake and/or leaf scoops, gardening gloves that fit you.

  • A plastic shopping bag to collect any rubbish you see.

  • A large plastic sack if you want to take some pine-needle mulch or pine cones home with you.

Rules for being in Linwood Cemetery

  • Keep safe. Keep to the paths.

  • Graves and headstones can be loose and dangerous.

  • Never lift a fallen headstone or headstone piece – even a small one. You can hurt yourself.

  • Have a cell phone with you in case you need to get help.

  • Leave headstones, broken pieces, plants where they are. Headstones and things on a plot are the property of the family buried there – even if they look old or broken. If our Head Gardener (Judy) is in the cemetery she will be happy to guide your tidying.

  • Only collect rubbish like wrappers, cans and bottles. Use gloves and plastic bags.

  • Have fun,  show respect, leave Linwood Cemetery better than you found it.

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