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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

Cemetery Gates Reopen

December 3rd, 2009 by Alexandra

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Linwood Cemetery, the fifth oldest surviving burial ground in Christchurch, showcased its spring beauty at an official Opening of the Gates ceremony.

Hagley Ferrymead Community Board chair Bob Todd and Friends of Linwood Cemetery Chair Linda Rutland symbolically opened the newly installed gates to signify the renewal of the grounds.

The cemetery in a quiet corner of Bromley, is being transformed with plantings and grave repair.

The grounds has fallen into disrepair through vandalism  and neglect.

“Work has been underway for the past few years on the renewal “of this now treasured community space,” Ms Rutland said.

It has been incredible how a few women who have rallied around this once heavily vandalised cemetery have now started a community project whose goals for this piece of land are widely shared within the community,” she said.

Supporters see this cemetery has a true resource, a place of history, a place to hold events, a place for dog walkers and place for people to use their skills to improve neighbourhood amenity.”

Among the notable names on the memorial stones are Bishop Churchill Julius, second Anglican Bishop of Christchurch; Thomas John Edmonds and his wife Jane Elizabeth, the Edmonds Factory founders; and explorer Arthur Dudley Dobson.

It also contains a Jewish section, including graves resited from the 19th century Jewish cemetery in Hereford St.

An extensive restoration programme includes repairs to monumental masonry, path reconstruction, landscape enhancement, and the entrance redevelopment which culminated in the opening of the gate’s celebration.

The Christchurch City Council has been working on  path reconstruction, landscape enhancement, and entrance redevelopment.

The grave planting and weeding and landscape plantings are being carried out by the Friends group.

By April this year, the Friends had raised $25,000 for routine monument repair when a new wave of vandalism was discovered.

Last month’s celebration included a guided historical tour by well known cemetery historian Richard Greenaway.

The tour was followed by a community planting and barbecue.

Anna Price,  Christchurch Mail, 7th October 2009

Film of this interesting day

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