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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

How Can You Help Us?

The Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust, being a volunteer-based organisation, is always looking for physical help, tools and equipment and financial support.

Here’s how you can help us to keep Linwood Cemetery alive!

Supporting us financially

We try to get money for tools, administration and record compiling from various sources, but it’s never guaranteed and never enough.  You can help us by becoming a Friend, just giving us a donation (however small) or taking responsibility for any graves connected to you.

There is a need for more seating in the cemetery, a noticeboard, as well as some expensive restoration projects like the ‘jig saw’ pieces, earthquake damage to graves erected by work colleagues and the timber Beauchamp plot, so corporate sponsorship of specific projects is very gratefully received and acknowledged. Contact us.

Joining a Power Pod

The Trust has had to turn down offers from prospective volunteers because Trustees are not available to support them. To be able to use this generous and much needed resource, we have developed a volunteering model called Power Pods. We hope that this will enable more people to donate hours and skills to us.

What is a Power Pod?

A Power Pod is one or more people willing to regularly commit to helping the Friends.  Under the guidance of a ‘managing Trustee’ a Power Pod organises and self manages it’s contribution.  This means that if a volunteer can only garden on the first Monday of the month, for example, they are able to do this with direction from the managing Trustee.  The Trustee doesn’t have to be able to be with them once the volunteer knows what they are doing.  The volunteer just checks in with the Trustee to let them know what has been achieved and what needs to be done the next time.  If other volunteers come forward they can join an existing Power Pod if the day suits them or start up their own Power Pod (again under the guidance of a managing Trustee) on another day / time / frequency to suit them.  Other volunteers who come forward would then have the option to join this Power Pod as well as any others that are operating.  One person would be designated as the Power Pod contact.  This person liaises with the managing Trustee and any other members of their Power Pod.

How many volunteer hours must a Power Pod give to the Trust?

As many as they want.    A Power Pod could meet once a year and focus on a particular area, it could meet once a month, once a week….. the idea is that Power Pods are set up to suit the people volunteering. It may be that a volunteer contributes to one or more Power Pods because they meet on different days and frequency that suit the volunteer.

What kind of things can a Power Pod volunteer to do?

We expect that most people would be interested in gardening, research and helping out at our events.  Gardening can be litter picking, weeding, shrub trimming or general tidying of an area.  Research at the moment is most often the tedious task of cross referencing shipping or organisation lists with the CCC Library Cemetery Database or photographing grave plots for our database.  We always need people to help us with our events; to marshall late-comers, take photographs and help with set up, break down and any catering.  If a volunteer has other suggestions for help, the Trustees would be open to considering them.

Could an existing group be a Power Pod?

Absolutely!  We welcome youth groups, school groups, church groups, family groups – any group willing to do community service in the cemetery even if it’s only possible for you once a year.  Maybe organising an event would give valuable experience to a youth group?  The managing Trustee would guide the Power Pod who would plan the event, publicise it and put it on, enabling the available Trustees to engage more fully with those attending the event.

What would I need to join or start a Power Pod?

Enthusiasm, patience, a commitment to see through the task you have comitted to, safety awareness, personal integrity and a willingness to be guided by a managing Trustee and/or Power Pod Contact Person.  You would be a Volunteer of the Trust (not a volunteer of the CCC) and be representing the Trust .  You would be expected to follow our Health and Safety Guidelines for Volunteers and sign the Trust’s Volunteer Agreement. Unless you have your own personal insurance, the only insurance cover is according to ACC regulations.

What equipment would I need?

As a small Trust we have limited tools and equipment for gardening, so usually ask that you supply your own. You would be expected to wear your own suitable clothing and footwear.   Researchers would be expected to have access to a computer and broadband.  The Trust has access to basic catering equipment and outdoor furniture for Events.  Photographers need their own digital camera with a resolution of at least 7MP.  If specialised equipment or protective clothing is required for a task, the Trust would endeavour to supply those without cost to the Volunteer.

How Do I Join a Power Pod?

Contact the Friends at linwoodcemeterynz@gmail.com.

Other Gardening Opportunities

One of our aims is that Linwood Cemetery is also a beautiful natural habitat and greenspace for the community to enjoy.     February 2010

You are welcome to join us for our regular working bees or to contact us to see when the Head Gardener is available on site to guide you.  February 2010 Working Bee

We always need people to weed and clean areas so that seedling trees don’t take hold and pine needles don’t do further damage.  Any time you are in the cemetery, feel free to take a bag or two of pine needles home to mulch your garden.  More

Being a ‘tidy kiwi’

Although the City Council is contracted to look after the cemetery land they have limited resources.  We need people to regularly pick up and dispose of litter and broken glass and report graffiti.  We love that people want to visit the cemetery but please pick up after yourself and your dogimg_2348

Helping to keep your ancestors graves tidy

Do you have ancestors in the Cemetery?  Not sure?  We can help you find out.

 Spring Celebration 2009

One of our aims is that more people re-connect with the graves of their ancestors buried in Linwood Cemetery. Regularly visiting and ensuring ancestors graves are tidy is a great help to us and the community as this is not part of the City Council’s remit.  Remember to take a plastic bag, trowel and rake with you when you visit your ancestors grave and help us by disposing of any debris at home.  Report any new damage or graffiti to the City Council (03  941 8666 / 0800VANDAL).

Does your ancestor’s grave need restoring?

Please arrange restoration with a City Council approved stonemason to long-lasting standards in accordance with the Linwood Cemetery Conservation Plan.  Contact us. block-48-253-215-leister-and-watson

Sharing your ancestors life story or memories of  the cemetery with us

The cemetery is about people, not just plots.  We are happy to consider any anecdotes, reminiscences, historical facts or photos about your ancestor or the cemetery for our website.  We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us.

Donating items and / or time

We receive donations of the following items with sincere gratitude:

  • good quality gardening tools and equipment,
  • fisholene,
  • eco-friendly garden debris disposal,
  • computer printer paper and  printing ink,
  • camera quality batteries,
  • volunteer time – including community service initiatives, data entry, word processing and people with lifting gear and muscle power,
  • photographs and heritage information relating to Linwood Cemetery.

Contact us.

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