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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

About The Friends

The Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust are a group of volunteers who advocate for the maintenance,  preservation and restoration of Linwood Cemetery.

Originally the Linwood Cemetery Working Group was set up following a letter of complaint to the Hagley/ Ferrymead Community Board about the sorry state of the cemetery.  Eleanor Boldger, Linwood Community Support Worker at the time,  worked with locals to get something going.  The Working Group was set up following a Public Meeting held to discuss the way forward.

Following recommendations in the Conservation Plan for Linwood Cemetery (2006) the Linwood Cemetery Working Group was granted charitable status as the Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust.

Our Mission is to work towards the enhancement and preservation of the historic Linwood Cemetery through active community involvment.

Our Purpose is to work in consultation with the Christchurch City Council, Hagley Ferrymead Community Board, and the wider community to

1.   contribute positively to the image of the Linwood and Bromley area,

2.   work towards the enhancement of the physical environment of the cemetery through maintenance, planting and grave restoration,

3.    be aware of and work in accordance with the Linwood Cemetery Conservation Plan,

4.    prepare an annual programme of activities designed to educate and involve the community,

5.    involve and support local school participation with the cemetery,

6.    raise or apply for funds to meet our objectives,

7.    develop an historical record of the cemetery and the stories of those buried there,

8.    make all information relating to the cemetery accessible to the public,

Managed by a Board of Trustees, those who want to support the Trust can give a donation or become a Friend. Contact linwoodcemeterynz@gmail.com

The Trustees meet for a few hours the third Wednesday of most months to

  • discuss progress,
  • set goals for the work needed in the cemetery,
  • plan awareness raising events.

The Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust is

  • certified under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 (no. 1889319)
  • registered with the Charities Commission (no. CC30775)

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