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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

About this website

This website was conceived to hold a complete record of the plots of Linwood Cemetery that can grow, be accessed by and contributed to, by the local community as well as nationally and worldwide.

Its aims are to

  • record changes for better and worse to the plots in the cemetery and the land on which it is sited,
  • provide a place for history; written and oral, about people buried in the cemetery who were important in shaping early Christchurch (and thus early New Zealand) to be stored, and contributed to, by their descendants.
  • provide links to other information about the people buried in the cemetery, providing a one-stop shop for researchers,
  • encourage descendants to take care of the plots of their ancestors,
  • provide a contact point for people outside of Christchurch to facilitate restoration of a plot,
  • encourage the community to take pride in and care for the cemetery,
  • raise funds for restoration, operational expenses, tools and equipment via donations,
  • provide a record of the activities of the Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust.

We are currently storing information about individual plots ‘off line’ whilst we investigate a more efficient and future-proofed way to store this information for easier input and access.     Please be patient with us and contact us for any further information.

Research continues to be done ‘organically’:

  • at the request of a descendant,
  • as part of the preservation process,
  • due to the interesting nature of the plot,

and will probably take many years to complete.

Please contact us if you want information

  • about your ancestor that we may have on file.
  • about your ancestor that we may be able to help you with (especially  about the current state of an ancestor’s grave)
  • added to our database.

We ask that you join our Register of  Friends in order to support our work before we give out information or carry out research on your behalf. Additional donations are also always welcome at any time, however small.

For the site to download quickly, any pictures associated to plots are of reduced quality.  Better quality photos can be purchased from the Friends of Linwood Cemetery (see Photos and Information).


The information available on or through this website is intended to provide general information to the public, and is not intended to address specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity. All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information available on this website. If you find any information on this website that you believe may be inaccurate, please send an email to info@linwoodcemetery.org.nz

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