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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!


A Conservation Plan is prepared by an expert in heritage conservation to provide the City Council with adequate strategies, guidelines and actions that will allow appropriate conservation for future use of a site.

In 2005 the Linwood Cemetery Working Group (the forerunner to the Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust) advocated on behalf of the cemetery for the City Council to create a Conservation Plan for the nearly 18,000 plots in Linwood Cemetery.

The Linwood Cemetery Conservation Plan was published in February 2006 (though the draft of October 2005 remains on the Council’s Heritage website page) and contains

  • historical and physical descriptions of the cemetery,
  • a description of the physical condition that the cemetery was in at the time,
  • permitted conservation processes and approved planting.

The Linwood Cemetery Working Party was consulted during the compilation of the Linwood Cemetery Conservation Plan

The crux of the document is that Linwood Cemetery is recognised as an important heritage site, worth preserving, and sets down a set of strategies and recommendations for its conservation.

One of the main activities of the Friends of Linwood Cemetery is to ensure that the recommendations are followed up on and any work done is completed to the standards described in the Linwood Cemetery Conservation Plan.

A review of the Linwood Cemetery Conservation Plan was recommended in the period 2010-2015 and the Friends of Linwood Cemetery asked to meet with the CCC representative to evaluate progress, discuss inaccuracies and put forward recommendations forchanging the current Conservation Plan.

Between December 2012 and April 2013, the Christchurch City Cemeteries By-law went under review and public consulation.  The Master Plan for Linwood Cemetery contained the original Conservation Plan and despite the request by the Friends to allow the Conservation Plan to be reviewed before the By-laws were finalised, this did not happen.

Meanwhile the Friends continue to raise public awareness of the need to preserve Linwood Cemetery, research the lives of the people interred there and do their best to keep the cemetery tidy and gardened.

For further information about

  • Cemetery By-Laws revision process click here.
  • 2013 Cemetery By-Law, click here
  • City Council Conservation Plans, please contact the Heritage Team, Strategic & Planning Group, email heritage@ccc.govt.nz, phone 941 8999.

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