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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

Oral History Project

Following a generous donation from the CCC Discretionary Fund for equipment and travel expenses in 2012, we re-started the Oral History Project. We initially focused on contacting those who originally put forward their interest in 2007 and then contacted anyone else who had an interest in being interviewed about their ancestors buried in Linwood Cemetery. As technology has progressed, we now intend to put short videos on a Linwood Cemetery persons’ biography page. 

Half Way Report – February 2013

Following the impact of the earthquakes on out community, this project is on hold for the meantime as we don’t  have the time to edit the films.  We hope very much to do this as soon as we can.

Memories of the Bromley Area

We are always delighted to get information from people who remember the area around the cemetery.  What do you remember?

“On the west side of McGregor’s Road, just before it’s intersection with Keighley’s Road, are four or so small cottages built soon after WWII, say 1946, by Stan, (aka Tiny [because he was] about 6′ 4”) Burgess and about four of his mates returned from the war.

As a teenager, I worked on those houses during a long school holiday.  I operated the concrete mixer and poured the chimneys taking a bucket full of fresh concrete in each hand, climbing a ladder, walking a plank across the ceiling joists to the chimney boxing to empty the buckets, then scampered down for the next trip.  I hope those chimneys still give good service.  I still ache at the sight of them!

I lived on the corner of Linwood Avenue and St John’s Street, later to become a cattery and since demolished.”

Patrick, Invercargill (January 2009)


“The area was just sand hills and lupins.  Lupins everywhere.”

Margs, Early Bromley Resident (February 2011)

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