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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

Staying Safe in Linwood Cemetery

The main gates of the cemetery are open after 7.30am.  They are closed at 8.30pm in summer and 4pm in winter.

There is no exit by car once the gates are locked, but the perimeter is easy to exit on foot.   There is space to park outside the gates on the berm.  Please contact the CCC Information Line on (03) 941 8999 to report if appropriate access into the cemetery has not been possible.

Earthquake / Aftershocks

Please be aware that the cemetery is still a hazardous place. Any visitors are to take the utmost caution.  Make sure
  • you wear appropriate footwear and clothing,
  • you have a cell phone with you,
  • people know you are walking through the cemetery and when you are expected back,
  • you ideally go with at least one other person.

Damaged memorials

b48p251-durrant-cross-eq-poster-pic_640x480 We are building up photographic records of the damage and seeing what we can do to prevent pieces going missing.  Please leave broken pieces where they are.  They are often far heavier / sharper than they look.  Smaller pieces that pose no risk to your body on moving should be gathered and ‘hidden’ as best as possible on the correct grave plot.  If in any doubt about weight or location of the pieces, leave alone.

A slide show taken 9th April, of some of the damage in the cemetery following the February 2011 earthquake can be found on Sarndra Lees Flickr Page and the website of the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of NZ.

When found, graffiti is reported to the City Council.  Please also report any graffiti you see to 0800 VANDAL for professional removal just in case we have missed it or not been in the cemetery for a few days.

Toxic Fungi and Plants
30th-march-2011-031_640x480 Please be aware that February – August in particular, are fungi season, but mushrooms maybe found all year round in damp shady places.  Most of the mushrooms in the cemetery are extremely toxic and should be left well alone. More…
14th-may-in-the-cemetery-2_640x480 As a natural green space, many of the shrubs and wild plants in the cemetery have very attractive berries, but these too can be extremely toxic. More…
There are taps throughout the cemetery and in the Butterfield Avenue car park and the Bromley Park car park and it is advised that hands are washed immediately after any contact with fungi or plants in the cemetery and on leaving the cemetery.
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