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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

As we expand our photographic record of the headstones in Linwood Cemetery, the inscriptions tell us much about the people of the day; not only if they were Early Settlers or Killed in Action, or a member of a fraternity or society but the source of the inscription can tell us about the person’s faith as well as reflecting the popular hymns and poems of the time.

It is likely that inscriptions were carefully thought about. The length of the inscriptions show a level of literacy among the community and, as paid for per letter, the wealth of the family or organisation who paid for the headstone.

The NZSG Headstone Transcriptions for Linwood Cemetery (1979) does not include inscriptions.

Short Common Inscriptions

Rest In Peace (throughout the cemetery) ; Deeply Regretted (B1P17); At Rest With God (B1P27); Peacefully Sleeping (B1P29); Her Work Was Done (B1P41); Gone but not Forgotten (B24P171); A Faithful and Loving wife (B41P93); Thy Will Be Done (B18P41-45); Alive for Evermore (B18P163);  His End Was Peace (B18P160);

Two little angel babes lent for a day.  Source unknown.  Found at B4852.

Bible References

Not as I Will, but as Thou Wilt. From Matthew 26:39 Found at B1P19.

The Spirit Will Return unto God Who Gave it.  From Ecclesiastes 12:7. Found at B1P21.

Unto Them Eternal Life.  From John 10:28. Found at B1P33.

God is my Refuge. From Psalm 46. Found at B1P39.

Because I Live, Ye Shall Live Also.  From John 14:19.  Found at TBC.

He Giveth his Beloved Sleep. From Psalm 127:2. Found at B18P157.

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away. His will be done. From Job 1:21.  Found at B18P155.

God Knoweth Best and His End was Peace. Based on Jeremiah 29:11.  Found at TBC.

The Eternal God is thy Refuge and Underneath are the Everlasting Arms. From Deuteronomy 33: 27.  Found at B18P99.

Set Your Mind on Things Above, Not on Things on Earth. From Colossians 3.2.  Found at TBC.

Hymns and Popular Songs

Peace Perfect Peace. From the Hymn Peace Perfect Peace (1875).  Found at B1P12.

I Found in Ha Resting Place and He Has Made me Glad. From the Hymn I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (1846).  Found at B1P?.

Rest After Weariness, Peace After Rain. From the Hymn Light After Darkness (1879). Found at B1P32.

Father in Thy Gracious Keeping, Leave we now thy Servant Sleeping. From the Hymn Now the Labourer’s Task is O’er (1871).  Found at B1P39.

Nothing in my Hand I Bring, Simply to Thy Cross I Cling.  From the Hymn Rock of Ages (1776). Found at B35P207.

Lead Kindly Light.  From the Hymn The Pillar of the Cloud (1833).  Found at TBC.

None Knew Thee but to Love Thee.  From the song Daisy Deane (1863).  Found at TBC.


You that are young before me see, How quickly death has conquered me, His Fatal Throne it was too strong, It cut me off while I was young, The God above he knows for why, that in my youth I was to die.  Source unknown. Found at B1P45.

Though cruel death has … from …, A loving mother kind & true, Death cannot from our … erase, Her tender smile, her loving face, Her words her actions are not dead, but in her hands are daily read.  Source unknown. Found at B18P195.

Like a lily beautiful and fair, and gentle as a dove. She passed away from Earth’s pain and care. To the land where all is love.  Source Unknown.  Found at B41P54.

Beloved in life. Loved in Death. Regretted in the Grave. Source unknown. Found at B18P189.

A faithful friend, A mother dear, A loving wife, lies sleeping here. Source unknown. Found at B15P109,  B29P21.

No pains, No griefs, No anxious fear, Can reach our loved one, Sleeping here. Source unknown. Found at B18P158.

To forget is vain endeavour. Remembrance lasts forever.  Source unknown. Found at B18P175.

To Live in Hearts we Leave Behind is Not to Die.  Hallowed Ground (Campbell, 1825).  Found at TBC.

Some day our eyes shall see the face now kept in memory.  Source unknown. Found at B18P197.

Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea,
Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell,When I embark;  Crossing the Bar, (Tennyson, 1889).  Found at B25P169


Vir Justus Proposti tenax, more hibernico fidus amicus.

Latin :  A just person, steadfast to his purpose (from Horace).  A loyal friend to Ireland.  Found at B43P175 CALLAGHAN, Emma (died 30.11.1928 aged 74) – Catholic Section

Do you know any more about this motto?  Does it indicate membership of a society, religious or political group?  Let us know.

Fide et constantia

Latin: Faith and Perseverence.  Found at B17P66 LEE.  May be a coincidence but also the armourial motto of George Henry LEE, 3rd Earl of Litchfield

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