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Bringing Linwood Cemetery Alive!

The Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust is made up of a very small group of enthusiastic volunteers who have experienced 11,000 earthquakes since September 2010.  Although the tremors are currently almost imperceivable, the impact to our lives carries on, significantly reducing our available volunteer time.  One of our aims is to become self financing, but we are currently in the position where it is not cost effective for us to administrate charging for providing information or arranging preservation or restoration.

We will continue to endeavour to do what we can to help you find your ancestors as promptly as possible, ideally via email.  We can no longer keep the cemetery tidy above what the City Council can provide.  

Photos and Information

We aim to

  • provide current photograph(s) and location maps of a grave plot,
  • link others who may be researching a person in the cemetery,
  • provide additional information about a person in the cemetery that we may have on file,

If you are unable to receive a photograph from us by email we charge the following for printed versions of photographs;

  • NZ$15 per print plus postage and packing in New Zealand.
  • NZ$20 per print plus postage and packing overseas.

Historical Research

Occasionally, at the discretion of the Trustees, we may be able to carry out additional research for individuals if it helps us expand existing research projects.  We are unable to build a basic web entry for your ancestor on our site but are looking into finding a way for you to do this yourself.

 Spring Celebration 2009

Grave Plot Repair

There are two firms of Master Stonemasons authorised by the City Council to carry out work in the cemetery;  Robertson and Decra Art.  These are both owned by Decra Art. Due to the large amount of work they currently have,  we are unable to negotiate preferential charges or charges that would give a referal donation to the Trust.  We are happy to give descendants our advice on repair or preservation using our photographic records and a site visit if we can, but will still refer you to the Master Stonemasons for a proper assessment and to carry out any work.

Organisations or the Media

We will do our best to provide information to organisations and the media that support the aims of the Friends.  In return we appreciate

  • final approval of the material before publication
  • a copy of the item for our records
  • the right to reply if we feel we have been misrepresented

and we will always consider promoting your organisation via our website, Facebook and newsletter in return.


We are happy to give illustrated talks to organisations or societies sympathetic about our work and the history and heritage value of Linwood Cemetery.  We appreciate

  • provision of Power Point equipment, as required
  • travel expenses
  • speaker’s fee
  • photocopying costs of handouts

at the discretion of the Trustees.

Please contact us for any further information

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